About Us

Bill payments have always been a hassle.

Even with digitalised mobile technology, you still need to download and log into different apps for different bills. WeOn aims to simplify the chore by offering a platform that makes it more convenient and rewarding to pay your bills.

24/7 Accessibility

WeOn’s on-the-go lifestyle mobile app helps you to pay a variety of bills, from water and electricity to mobile and broadband. By combining the top payees into a single app, WeOn eases the tedious task of paying bills and eliminates the need to queue in lines or download multiple payment apps.

Secure Payment Experience

WeOn not only makes bill transactions easier and faster, it also provides a secure payment experience. Instead of providing your credit card or banking details, WeOn enables you to pay using WeOn Credits, which are stored securely in your WeOn Wallet.

Pay and Get Rewarded

To sweeten your bill payments even more, WeOn rewards you with points for every ringgit you pay. Share the benefits to your friends and family and earn commissions and rebates when they sign up and pay bills.

Our goal is to offer a one-stop, cashless and secure online bill payment solution that earns you attractive commissions for performing your daily payments.
WeOn believes that by combining lifestyle needs and current mobile technology, your bill transactions can be quicker, simpler and rewarding.